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Postby puglove » May 11th, 2009, 8:18 am

A) look up. See the tabs across the top of the page? Click on the one that says STORE and follow the instructions there. You can use your bank debit card in place of a credit card.

B) Your posts are being seen in this forum, each time you post. If someone from the forum chooses to reply to you, it will be right below your orignal post. If there is no reply, no one replied to you. There is no need to ask for confirmation each time... it's working, your posts are being read.

C) If you are posting something elsewhere, like Private Messages, those are not being seen. The Private Message function on this board is disabled. You cannot send them therefore, no one will reply to them.

That's as clear as I can be. You seem to be really struggling with this board but really, it's just not that hard. Hopefully, this will help.
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