Welcome Spring !

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Welcome Spring !

Postby NeiaEileen » March 20th, 2016, 3:47 pm

Hi Andy and all of the fans here . I am happy Spring is here and I hope you are all doing well .

It is a sad thing that so many singers are dying , There have been a lot . The one that I am most sad about is Glenn Frey . I have to say that his looks is what got my attention but as I learned more about him ,his heart and his feelings and who he was I love his being beautiful inside as well .I loved his voice and his writing .Never got to see him in a concert :( I loved the Eagles and now they say they will never sing together again . But they may after they have time to heal . He was like a brother to them , he was a big part of their lives .If there are any singers that you miss post it so we can talk about it .
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