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Postby marmalade » December 17th, 2011, 5:36 am

What wonderful news about the amount raised for Julliette's Place.

Di, I agree with you about the toll these crimes take. It's not just the immediate victims but our whole society. We can throw the perpetrators in jail but by then, the damage is done to the victims. Impressions made on small children can not only destroy them but can come back to haunt the rest of us. It appears that Julliette's Place does things to help these people that will have far-reaching effects. Fifty-thousand-dollars is nothing to sneeze at. I probably said it before but this choice of charities really makes me happy. All the charities that have been supported by the Christmas Show have been worthy but the overall, lasting effect of this one has such possibilities. I hope these children will know and practice the difference between perpetuating these crimes and being good, productive human beings.

A job well done, Music Man. You've given all of us a wonderful Christmas gift.

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